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What Does it Mean to Sell Your Home with Sabatino?

A proven, streamlined process for getting you from “listed” to “sold”.

Get your home listed, discovered, and sought after so you can sell without the stress.

The first big question when selling your home isn’t what you think. The question isn’t “How much can I get for my house?”

The first big question is “Who can I trust to help me get the most for my home?”

I know the decision to work with the right realtor makes all the decisions that follow so much easier.

Questions Answered: From Selling To Sold

Once we’ve decided to work together, you’ll face a series of seemingly never-ending questions as you navigate the real estate selling process:

  • How do I find the “just right” pricing for my home?

  • What’s the market look like in Monmouth county? In Ocean County?

  • How do I know when my home’s in the right condition to sell?

  • Do I need staging for my home?

  • What should I expect from the appraisal process and what happens if it doesn’t go as planned?

  • How do I negotiate with buyers to reach my goals?

  • What do I need to know before we go to the closing table?

When we work together, my goal will be to get you the highest price for your home in the shortest amount of time.

Image by Francesca Tosolini

It’s Who You Know (Or Who Your Realtor Knows)

While selecting the right realtor is hands-down the biggest decision you’ll make, it’s not the only one that matters.

That’s why my network and I will also help you handle the finer details that sellers need to consider as they get to “sold” like:

-Vetting and hiring dependable contractors

- Finding someone to help with interior design

-Reviewing legal documents with a trusted legal professional

- Locating home inspectors with proven track records

- Learning or hiring someone for home staging

An Enjoyable Selling Experience? It’s Closer Than You Think.

Life doesn’t happen in a bubble and selling your home can’t always be your only priority. 

You might have a family, work demands, or a life to lead that doesn’t revolve around this process.

So, I put selling your home at the top of my list and working hard to get you to “sold”.

My network and I collaborate with you to ensure your selling process is as transparent, supportive, and hassle-free as possible.

That’s why I do what I do and why I believe you’ll actually enjoy selling your home with me.

Ready to sell with Sabatino?

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