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Your 11-Step Home Buying Process: How We’ll Make Your Home Buying Dream Happen

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Are You Thinking About Buying a Home?

The process of finding and closing on the right home can sometimes feel overwhelming. And while it’s totally normal to feel that way, you’re never going through that process alone.

In fact, to prove it, today I’ll outline the process so you can see what lies ahead and how we’ll navigate it together.

So we’ll start right where you are, with that big and bold decision to buy your first (or next) home.

Step 1: Decide To Buy a Home

This is a big step and the first one you’ll take in this process. So, be sure you know why you want to buy a house in the first place.

Know how you want to feel when you sign that final sheet of paper and consider how this investment will shape the way you feel about your life.

You’ll also want to get clear on whether you’re in the right place financially to be taking this step.

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved

Speaking of financial situations, your next step will be to work with a loan professional. You’ll submit your application and documentation for review and determine how much you can afford.

This step allows you to lay the groundwork for the key financial steps in the process of buying your home. So be sure you’re working with a supportive, experienced, professional. (If you need recommendations for loan professionals, feel free to let me know.)

Step 3: Schedule Your Realtor Consultation

Next, you’ll choose your realtor.

This is, for many people, the biggest decision of your process. I can’t tell you what other realtors offer in their consultations. So, I’ll tell you what I offer in mine. When we meet, I’ll guide you through the nitty-gritty of the home buying process. I’ll be fully transparent about the process and let you know what to expect along the way. We’ll also get clear on your goals for the process: We’ll discuss price ranges, locations, as well as current market conditions

We’ll get specific with your must-haves, and your dream features, and dive into other areas where we’ll be sure to get on the same page. That way, I can help you find the right home for you.

Step 4: Start Your Search

I’ll be sure to send you information on homes that meet your criteria as soon as they’re listed and I’ll stay in your corner the whole way through to help you find your dream home.

The home search might include online searches and open houses. We’ll take things at your pace and we’ll put these things on our calendar as a team so you’re never alone in the process.

Step 5: Learn The Current Market Conditions

We’ll use my local market expertise to consider what’s a great deal for you and what really isn’t hitting the mark. In general, market conditions can help us to understand what’s going on with house availability and pricing. Simply put: my experience is our compass as we evaluate the homes you’re considering and separating the just okay from the perfect fit.

Step 6: Make an offer

When you’ve found that “yes that’s it!” place, I’ll help craft an offer tailored to your needs that will be attractive to the seller.

If it’s accepted we should close within 30-60 days.

And if, that’s okay too. We’ll negotiate with the seller to reach a deal that works for you.

Step 7: Negotiate

Sometimes we’ll receive a counter offer.

But we won’t be intimidated.

Instead, we’ll get strategic and discuss whether to accept or propose a counteroffer of our own.

One of the big things that impact how we negotiate is the set of market conditions we’re operating in. No matter the conditions, we’ll work together to navigate that negotiating process.

Step 8: Offer Accepted! Time For Our Transaction Calendar

Once your offer is accepted it’s time to deliver your earnest money deposit and to get those property inspections.

You’ll choose your inspectors and schedule them as soon as you can so that you know if any repairs are needed.

Don’t have these professionals on hand?

Want people who you can trust to get the job done right?

I’ve got you covered with a referral list of trusted professionals.

Step 9: Finalize Your Financing

When things are rolling forward, you’ll take some time to get your finances in order. You’ll provide your lender with any requested documentation.

Once you’ve addressed any issues from the inspection you’ll order an appraisal too.

These steps must be completed before closing. So, we’ll keep ourselves accountable and on time to make sure everything is ready to go.

Step 10: Close The Deal

It’s closing time.

You’ll receive a closing disclosure from your lender that contains all the closing costs and cash needed.

We’ll visit the property one last time and then sign all the paperwork.

You can expect to have a bit of hand cramp after signing all that paperwork. But it may just be your favorite hand cramp ever.

Step 11: Move-in Time!

It’s time to celebrate.

After closing all that’s left to do is move in and raise a glass to this major milestone.

And don’t worry, we’ll stay in touch in case you need anything!

What’s Next? Your Realtor’s Here

Well, there it is, your home buying process.

While you now know all of the most important steps in buying a home, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in this entire process is selecting your realtor.

I’d love to hop on a call and chat about how I can help you find and buy a house so reach out to me here to get started.

When we work together, you’ll be supported at every step of your home buying process and that’s a phenomenal feeling.

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