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What Work-From-Home Means When You’re Selling Your Home

The massive increase in people working from home has impacted so much about our daily lives and the housing market is feeling the impact of those changes too. So, today we’re going to explore 3 ways that home buyer needs are shifting and what they mean for you if you’re selling your home.

Location, Location Location (But Not Exactly)

Home buyers who are now working from home have expanded their geographic options when it comes to buying a home.

While they may have been looking for a house near their office in the past, location independent work means they’re now able to consider locations they wouldn’t have before.

So, your home now has a better chance of selling even if the location isn’t super close to a city or town center.

Plus home buyers are looking at each home they see with a more discerning eye and that things that were once second or third on their wish lists are moving up the ladder fast.

Top of The Wish List? Office Space

With the work-from-home phenomenon comes the need for a place to work at home. Realtors (this one included) are now highlighting home offices and spaces that function like a workstation when writing listings and giving home tours.

Whether it’s a formal room dedicated to that purpose, or a nook by a window that provides a space to get things done, a work-from-home office is easily one of the most important things on many home buyers lists.

So, if your home doesn’t have one yet, talk to your realtor about how you can make your home more functional for those who will be calling their house their office for the foreseeable future.

People Are Planning To Stay Put

Another phenomenon that comes along with working from home is that once people find their home, they’re more likely to stay put.

When someone works from home they’re less likely to need to relocate due to a promotion or job change and often select a place to call their own for the long haul because of it.

Looking to attract that kind of buyer for your home?

Be sure you and your realtor highlight not just your house’s amazing amenities but the community you live in.

While features like a home office, an outdoor patio, or front porch are attractive, the feeling a potential buyer gets from the town or city they’ll potentially live in is something that you can’t call a contractor to build. It’s unmistakable and can be the difference between “maybe” and “sold” for those who look at your listing or tour your home.

Looking To Buy Or Sell Your Home?

Whether you’re looking to work from home in a new home or are ready to make a move elsewhere, Tamara and the team can help you make it happen.

You can reach out to us here and we’ll connect!

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