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The 5 Major Mindset Shifts You’ll Have When Buying A Home

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How Does It Feel To Go From Renter To Homeowner?

Whether you’re just starting on the home buying journey or you’re right in the thick of it, there’s no doubt that it's far more than a financial adventure. It’s an emotional and transformational process.

Are you’re beginning to feel empowered by the thought of being a homebuyer? Are you worried about all the different steps you still have to take?

Are you feeling like you have to do it “the right way”? Wherever you’re at mentally, as your realtor, I’m right there with you.

Today I’m sharing the five key mindset shifts you can expect as you go through your home buying process. I’ve seen them happen for other home buyers and I hope that knowing what to expect might allow you to have some compassion with yourself, to relax a bit, and to reach out whenever you need my support throughout this process.

And if you’ve already bought your home or just finished your closing, this list might resonate with you most of all!

So here’s how you can expect your thoughts and feelings to shift as you move through your home buying adventure.

Mindset Shift 1: From, “I’ll Just Keep Renting...” to “I’m Going to Be a Homeowner!"

This first one is pivotal.

The mindset shift toward buying a home sets everything else in motion.

When you get crystal clear on why you no longer want to keep renting your current spot, you can begin to shift more fully into space where you’ll begin to see yourself as a homeowner.

One way to really experience this shift is to explore what homeownership means to you, what impact it would have on those who you’ll share that home with, and how it will impact your personal and financial future.

Mindset Shift 2: From, “I Don’t Even Know Where to Start.” to “I’m Not in This Alone.”

Once you’ve decided to buy a home you’ll probably hop onto the internet and start exploring what to do next.

The result? Information overload.

From choosing a lender to preapproval to negotiating tactics to market conditions to inspections and all the rest… The process can feel like “too much” if you’re in the mindset that you don’t know where to start.

So, close all those open tabs.

Take a deep breath.

And pause.

While it’s awesome to want to do it on your own and do your own research if you’re finding that you tend to consume more information without taking action, it might be time for this key mindset shift: You’re not doing this alone.

Connect with a realtor that you can trust and start the process with support instead of a feeling of overwhelm. (I’ve got your back every step of the way.)

Mindset Shift 3: From “I Need to See at Least 7 More Houses Before I Decide To!” to “Okay. Yes. This Is the One!”

Even with the right realtor at your side, you can have moments where you feel like you have to do home buying “right” or like there are things you have to do to make sure you make the “best” decision. And while there are key steps in this process, the only right way to buy a home is the one that works for you.

That’s why we’ll spend plenty of time getting clear on your needs, your wants, and your “dream home” features.

These things may even shift as we see some homes and, just like wedding dresses or new cars, you might love the first one you see.

All of these things are perfectly normal and perfectly alright.

The shift here is from perfectionism to perfect-for-you.

Our job as we work together to find your new home is to help you find that second one. We want the home that’s perfect for you and the process that gets you there is going to be totally your own.

Mindset Shift 4: From “There Are How Many More Steps Before Closing!?” to “That Wasn’t So Bad.”

Once you’ve found your dream home, you still might be feeling the pressure to get all those “next steps” done before closing. We’ll navigate them together and we’ll do it with a calendar-style schedule so you know what’s happening when.

While inspections and appraisals can feel like scary things when they’re far off in the future, these things need to get done in order to close. And once they’re done, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you move into the final stage of your home buying process.

Mindset Shift 5: From, “I Hope They Accept Our Offer.” to “I’m Finally a Homeowner!”

Spoiler alert: This one is my favorite.

There is a certain anxious worry that combines with a hopeful optimism in this stage of the buying process.

Making an offer is a huge step and it can feel very final. But the truth is that negotiations and counteroffers are more common than you might think.

When we get to this stage, I’ll encourage you to again pause, breathe, and relax a bit.

The next shift is a big one and it is the most important of all.

Once your offer is accepted you finally become a homeowner. You may have waited for years to buy a home. It may have felt like an impossible goal at times. But once it happens you can fully and finally step into that role, that name: Homeowner.

This is a time to reflect and celebrate your accomplishment.

(Definitely don’t skip that step!)

From Renter To Homeowner With The Support That You Need To Do It Your Way

If you’re ready to shift your mindset and want someone you can trust to go through this process alongside you, I’d love to connect with you.

You can reach me here and I can’t wait to help you step into your own home ownership story.

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