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Preparing Your Home To Sell: 5 Places To Start When Decluttering Your Space

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When we talk about preparing your home to sell one of the first moves you’ll want to make is to begin decluttering the space.

Even if you don’t need or don’t want to hire a professional stager (ask your realtor if that’s the right move for you), you’ll want to seriously declutter your home if you intend to sell it.

The reason? When someone goes to a showing of your home, you want them to be able to imagine themselves in that place, making your house their home. That’s how you get to “sold”.

Just as you might find it hard to stay on task when your mind is racing and full of to-do’s, the people considering your home will feel overwhelmed if there’s too much going on in your space.

Sometimes this is something they can recognize consciously. (“Wow. The toys in the kids’ rooms are all over the place.”) But sometimes, it’s an unconscious realization that feels more like discomfort to your home’s viewers.

Clutter gives visitors a sense that something’s not right there or leave them wondering if there’s enough room in a particular area of the house.

So, let’s go over some ways to tackle your clutter and leave only what’s needed to get your house sold.

Get Personal

One of the most challenging things to tackle when it comes to decluttering and selling your home is parting with (or storing) personal items. In the end, you might decide to save, store, donate or get rid of certain personal items. But the first step is to take a look at the items in your house that might have personal value Photo albums, baby books, awards and trophies, family photos, children’s toys, certain clothing items, fridge magnets, and even some furniture pieces may have personal significance. Starting with decluttering these pieces and making these tough calls will set you up for a less stressful decluttering process because you’ve tackled the tough stuff first.

Tackle The Junk Drawers

Once you’ve dealt with your personal items, it’s time to look at your junk drawers

For you, this might be a designated “junk drawer”. You know, that one drawer in your home where you just throw things that don’t really belong anywhere else.

If you don’t have a designated junk drawer, start by looking at the drawers in your house in general. From the foyer to the office, visitors and potential buyers are going to be opening them and if they find a mess, it’s not going to feel good.

Take out and store items that you want to keep. Then work on letting go of the rest.

Beautify The Bathroom

Decluttering the bathroom can definitely feel like a process all on its own.

When decluttering start with the obvious and move to areas where your home buyers might sneak a peek:

  • That towel or favorite robe that’s seen better days may need to be stored

  • Used soaps or shampoos should be out of sight

  • Excess tub accessories that line the shelves in the shower or bath should be stored

  • Medicines you typically leave out or store in a medicine cabinet will need to be stored safely

  • And don’t forget that under-sink area, if you have one.

When someone steps into your bathroom it should be a relaxing experience so that they can imagine that very same experience for themselves.

Whip The Office Into Shape

When potential home buyers check out your office, you’ll want it to look organized and purposeful.

So, erase any whiteboards, empty the trash bin, clear out the clutter, file the paperwork, minimize wires, and store the extra accessories. Don’t forget to store any confidential or sensitive information somewhere safe.

While you may choose to leave a notebook and pen on the desk for a touch of staging, keep your office simple so that nothing detracts from the purpose of the room.

Streamline Storage Areas

If you’re lucky enough to have ample storage in your home, be sure that you’re not maxing out that space.

Storing things off-site or reducing the number of things that occupy your key storage areas like a shed or garage can help to show off just how much space you really have.

The same goes for smaller spaces too. Drawers, cupboards, and under-the-bed spaces should be appreciated in all their glory. And keeping them decluttered lets your realtor do that with ease.

Get Your Home (And Your Mind) Ready To Sell

If even thinking about decluttering makes your skin crawl or brings on a strange sense of anxiety, you’re not alone.

Your realtor can help you explore what should stay and what has to go, but only you really make that final call.

Give yourself some grace as you navigate putting things in storage or letting them go completely. The process of selling your home is not one you need to navigate alone. So, whenever you have a question, be sure to reach out to me here. I’d love to help you sell your home and feel really good when you do!

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