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7 Tips For Preparing Your Home To Sell This Spring

Putting your home on the market in time for the spring is a great idea. And today on the blog I’m sharing 7 tips to streamline your process of preparing your home so it sells.

Is your home spring-sale-ready?

The warmer weather often means even more buyers taking a tour of your home. And this means you’ll need to get your house in tip-top shape before they cross your threshold.

While decluttering and vacuuming are no-brainers, today I’m sharing 7 tips that you might not have considered as you prepare your home to sell this spring.

Let’s get to it

Tip 1: Let The Sun In Those Windows

As you prepare your home to sell, be sure you clean your windows and wash your window coverings. Pay careful attention to the cleaning directions on your drapes and be sure to clean things like slat blinds and wood shutters according to their unique care instructions.

Why focus on the windows?

Grabbing the Windex is a great call because chances are that people are viewing your home when the spring sun is shining through. And clean windows are a great look no matter what the season.

Tip 2: The Grass Can Be Greener

As spring...well… springs, it’s time to turn your attention to your lawn. Things like seeding and mowing make a noticeable difference and can help you add some serious curb appeal to your home.

Plus, you wouldn’t love pulling up to a house that looks like a weed-ridden jungle. Right?

Tip 3: Get Floors, Doors, And Carpets Cleaned

While you may be tempted to just give that hardwood a good sweep before a potential buyer walks in, think about what your floors and carpets have been through.

Winter weather often leads us to track things like snow, dirt, and even mud into our doorways and main living areas. And while you probably keep up with that mess at the moment, it’s also vital to take that cleaning to the next level for home showings.

And just like carpets and other floors need some love after a harsh winter, your doors (especially exterior-facing ones) have probably taken a beating too. Whether it’s a deep cleaning or a fresh coat of paint, don’t forget to take care of your doors and entryways as well.

Tip 4: When In Doubt, Powerwash

Snow, ice, sleet, and rain can leave marks, dirt, and residue on your siding and other exterior walls.

So, whether you hire a power washer or head over to a home supply store to rent one, take some time to power wash your home in preparation for showings.

It takes years off the look of your siding and can give visitors a sense that the home is well cared for too!

Tip 5: Plant and Place Some Flowers

Whether it's a nice bouquet of flowers on the island in your kitchen, a spring floral wreath on the door, or well-manicured and colorful flower beds on your front lawn, spring is all about flowers.

And creating a sense of beauty inside and outside of your home can help potential buyers imagine what it’s like to live there.

Tip 6: Tour Your Own Home

Speaking of imagining, don’t shy away from using your imagination as you prepare your home for sale this spring.

Once you’ve decluttered, cleaned, and beautified, take a tour of your home.

Imagine you’re a visitor and walk yourself through as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

What stands out to you?

What’s not working?

Exploring these things will help you decide what, if any, other changes you want to make to your home as people come to see it and consider buying.

Tip 7: Get An Agent Who’s Busy But Never Too Busy For You

Spring is a really popular time to buy a home. So, while you certainly want a realtor who’s good enough to be busy with clients, you’re going to need one that makes you a priority.

Let’s Connect

As a local real estate agent, I make it my priority to spend time getting to know you and your home selling needs. You can contact me here and we’ll connect to get your home in shape to sell.

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