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5 Reasons Now Is The Best Time To Buy a Home at The Jersey Shore

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Reason #1: The Beach

Starting off with the most obvious reason to buy a house at the shore...the shore! From the natural beaches of Sandy Hook to the bustling boardwalks of Asbury and Point Pleasant, to the laidback luxury of Spring Lake and Manasquan, there’s nothing like looking out at the ocean in the morning or taking a brief bike ride down to sit by the shoreline.

And if you’re anything like us, there are just some things that go great with a day at the beach...

Pictured Here- Bradley Beach

Reason #2: The Food

The local restaurant scene at the Jersey Shore is indescribable. Whatever you love to eat, you’re sure to find every genre and style of food you can imagine. Whether you’d like a quick breakfast or fine dining with an ocean view, you can find it here.

Aside from a creative and eclectic restaurant and bar scene, the other thing you’ll love about the food here at the shore is that there’s a real focus on fresh and local food.

Farmers’ Markets and farm-to-table restaurants aren't the only places you’ll find this fresh take on food either. In fact, most restaurants here pride themselves on sourcing mostly local and always fresh, healthy ingredients.

So, needless to say: You and your family will eat well here and feel good about it when you do!

Pictured Here The Bagel Nook Freehold- Maple Bacon Bagel <3

Reason #3: The People

Locals are a different breed here at the Jersey Shore. One thing’s for sure, the kindness, community, and creativity of this huge community can’t be measured.

From local non-profits feeding struggling locals in the wake of catastrophe to entrepreneurs building businesses in the towns they grew up in, the Jersey Shore has no shortage of remarkable people, loving families, and amazing neighborhoods where people truly do care for one another.

Pictured Here- Casino Pier

Reason #4: Access To Everything

Want to go see family or head to work in New York City?

Need to get to the airport in Philadelphia?

Want to have a little fun in Atlantic City?

Craving some skiing up the mountains? Or maybe go wine tasting at the wineries down in Cape May?

All of those things can be done with a commute that’s shorter than you think. That’s because here at the Jersey Shore, you’re close to everything you could imagine.

So, if you’re looking for the perfect location to settle down without settling for less, the Jersey Shore is the perfect place to head.

Reason #5: Local Summer

This one’s kind of a “best-kept secret” for locals. But it’s one of our favorite reasons to live at the shore.

Local summer is the time each year when the tourists and summer renters head home and only the locals remain. The beach town bars, restaurants, and stores remain open and vibrant and our community keeps the glow of summer going.

It’s the best time of year to live here and it’s one of the best reasons we can offer to move here: Being part of a community by the beach that never stops amazing you.

How Can You Make The Move To The Jersey Shore

Did this list leave you wishing you lived here at the beach? Well, I can help you buy your first (or next) home at the Jersey Shore.

Just send me a message and we’ll connect!

I can’t wait to help you start your own list of reasons you love living here!

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